John the Maverick

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2 Responses

  1. Crutch or no crutch, Obama should stay clear of the POW issue or besting McCain as Commander-in-Chief.

    I think Obama gets a pass on military service; he’s not being called a draft-dodger like Clinton was and his service is not being questioned by ex-fellow service personnel (e.g. John Kerry).

    The Democrats usually take a beating here, so why should Barack go out of his way to call McCain on anything military-related?

    I say…push that Universal Health Care, push the race card if need be (where it could REALLY help….Columbus, OHIO! for example), and work on getting those disenfranchised feminist voters.

    Hillary gave a great speech, but groups like P.U.M.A. are springing up everywhere! Obama has bigger fisher to fry…

  2. Great article follow Palin’s speech:

    Palin casts herself as Washington outsider

    By TOM RAUM and LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writers 3 minutes ago

    Can I call it or what? lol