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About cubicle life, my employer, commuting, and other odds-and-ends about life in D.C.

Sean & Savi in DC

My brother Sean and his girlfriend Savannah were vacationing in Pennsylvania during the last week of July and I suggested they stop by for a day or two to see the sights in DC....

Never Forget

When I think of what it means to be a good Christian or even just a good human, that period after the towers fell, those quiet moments of communal grief, somehow come back to...

Memory Lane

Currently I am curating material from this blog and other sources to show how vocal I have been in sharing my opinion over the years. This has meant spending an awful lot of time...

Went Back to GW

I work about two blocks from the campus of George Washington University, which was convenient when I went to graduate school there. But that was more than ten years ago, and I have rarely...

Defending the Disabled

James Ledbetter seems to hate SSDI recipients more than most conservatives hate the unemployed. And for that, he’s an idiot. Let’s try to alleviate the causes of disability, instead of merely shuffling the disabled back into a workforce that cannot employ everyone already looking for a job.

Working for Congress Is Hardly Worth It

As insular as DC can be to outsiders, those who criticize Hill staffers have no idea that Capitol Hill is one of the hardest places to find work. And for the lucky few, it’s also one of the stingiest employers in the country.