Who is Mike Adams?


Mike Adams was once a college student like any other. He was a shy kid with no ambitions and no connections aside from being friends with a congressman’s son. He went all over campus with the same leather-bound notebook and an unrequited love. His friends dragged him into a fraternity, and a drunk driver got him involved in politics. He fought a lonely battle against The Circle, a secret society that punished his best friend for doing the right thing. When his friend died, he dedicated his life to giving voice to the voiceless and to bringing transparency to the darkest corridors of power. Now a U.S. Senator facing an audacious career move, and having learned of a corruption ring that is hiding The Circle’s oldest secrets, Mike has a chance to end The Circle and other societies like it once and for all.

The Mike Adams Series includes: Reunion at University Avenue (a novel released in 2005), The Proxy Senator (2006), Confirmation (2009), “The Stepford Student” (a short story released in 2013), and The Young Mike Adams (a short story collection released in 2013). A concluding chapter to the series will be released in 2016.

The author has also written non-canonical adaptations of the Mike Adams Series for television and the silver screen. One pilot script, for a proposed sitcom called “The Future Senator,” was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards and included in the 2013 collection The Young Mike Adams.

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