The Proxy Senator

41e3xGYMnOLBook 2 of 3 in the Mike Adams series
Release date: January 2006

A college student meets a celebrity. A consultant faces a career choice. And the state of Florida has a Senate seat to fill. The topsy-turvy campaign that follows could end business as usual in Washington…

“What did I miss this time?”

Mike Adams is a political consultant made famous by a series of incidents that nearly shut down a movie he was working on two years ago. Now, weary of the guilt he feels for the incidents that garnered his notoriety, Mike has to decide whether to wage a risky political campaign for only the second time in his adult life, or continue to milk his guilt and his memories for more Hollywood success.

His girlfriend, the Washington Post’s new columnist Ashley Woodard, is a well-known reporter in her own right, but has a number of skeletons in her closet. Her close relationship to Mike could be an idealist politician’s nightmare, especially should something ever happen to her…

In this wild ride through modern campaigns, one discovers that it is not always easy to discern who to trust and who will betray you; one discovers the importance of those around you; and one discovers the true meaning of fighting for who and what you love. Not just a defense of a moderate and idealist politics, The Proxy Senator is also a cautionary tale of how campaigns can became a “proxy” for more than just the candidate’s ambitions, while delivering on many – but not all – of the leftover questions from Kenneth’s previous novel. And the ending is the kind of cliffhanger that leaves you excited for more.


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Original Publisher: Lulu Press
Original release date: January 28, 2006
Original ISBN: 978-1-4116-7435-9
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