Training manager

In 2014, I released a book called “Stand Out!”, which consisted of 40 lessons I learned in finding my inner leader and discovering my dream job. It turns out, being a training manager (teacher, professor, etc.) is my dream job.  Here is an excerpt from that book that explains my feelings about this dream of mine:

I have always had a passion for helping people. From the time I was in first grade and wished to God that I’d become a teacher some day because I had a crush on mine, I knew it. Even when I spent three years in a row helping Spanish teachers put on a competition by being one of the guys with a walkie-talkie shuffling volunteers and contestants around, I knew it.

One of life’s tragedies is losing your passion. Sometimes you intentionally bury it, convincing yourself that an easy class was your ticket to an easy career. Sometimes you forget it because life gets in the way, as you put the needs of your children first.

The leader within you thrives on that passion. Listen to him, rediscover yourself, and stand out in the crowd by following your passion.

Passion is contagious. We humans cannot help but respond to it by finding it within ourselves. A big part of being a leader is helping others to tap into that passion, that reservoir of strength and innate talent that can help guide you to your life’s calling.

For a long time, I let myself believe that I was passionate about politics and the law because it was interesting and the classes were easy. For a while, I thought speechwriting would be my way in, since writing has always been a strong part of my life. Yet, for far too long and for far too many, politics is not about helping people so much as helping themselves by making a statement about what they believe in. Most of the time, politics is about the back-and-forth of ceaseless competition. It isn’t for me.

When I see the glint in someone’s eye when they learn something new and everything starts to click, I cannot help but smile. When I am out there creating new resources for staff to rely on and refer to when I am not around, I know I am being useful. When I get to deliver on promises made about teleworking for staff with long commutes, and I see the relief in their tired eyes, I am hopeful that I am making a positive difference in their lives.

As long as my drive for personal growth and advancement continues to allow me to pursue my passion of helping others through creativity and training, I know that I am being the leader I was meant to be.

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