Reunion at University Avenue

BookCoverPreview (1)Book 1 of 3 in the Mike Adams series
1st edition: January 2005
2nd edition: July 2008
3rd edition: June 2013

Two crowds of brightly colored t-shirts. A budget for parties and field trips. And a secret society to help them land jobs after it is all over. Who said campus politics couldn’t be funny?

Apparently, even the idealist underdogs could be underhanded…

Mike Adams is a lobbyist who once toppled an ethically challenged congressman in a primary, only to leave office after just one term. Now an author of an instant cult classic, he is returning home to bitter-sweet memories and eerie messages. Adam Ruppesberger, a no-name Hollywood director that Adams knew in college has renewed their professional partnership with gusto. And a D.C. native, the reclusive Bennita Jones comes out of hiding to help Mike uncover the true identity of his attacker – once they resolve that the person is someone they knew at the University. The three of them hatch a plan to expose the antagonist, at Mike’s twenty-year high school reunion…

In this fast-paced thriller, interspersed with excerpts of Mike’s novel-within-a-novel (which are in turn loosely based on events at the University of Florida, circa 1999-2002), one truly gets a feel for a world where campus politics is taken far too seriously, where the reputation of a secret society could lead to murder. His debut novel, Reunion at University Avenue delivers an action-packed adventure and a mystery that is tantalizingly near-impossible for the reader to solve on their own. It also sets up a main character and a world that Kenneth Kerns can continue to explore for years to come.


Original working title (prior to publication): “A True Gator Party”

Excerpt: Is available upon request.

U.S. Publication Details
Series: First novel in the Mike Adams series
Distributor: Lulu (trade paperback editions), CreateSpace (mass market paperback), Smashwords (2013 eBook)
Original release date: January 19, 2005
Formats available: Mass Market Paperback, Amazon Kindle, Smashwords eBook, Nook eBook, iTunes eBook, Kobo eBook

Availability: The mass market paperback edition available on Amazon and the eBook available on Smashwords will expand beyond those initial distributors shortly. The trade paperback edition will be discontinued later in the year.

© 2005, 2008, 2013 by Kenneth Kerns. All rights reserved.

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