Copy Cats

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Susan plan does not suggest budget cuts to student organizations, rather reflects the cuts already made by the Budget Committee. The way to prevent over-budgeted organizations to remain there would be for the Budget & Appropriations to actually use the data GAO produces (when GAO exists) when creating budgets — however, budget historically seems to ignore that data. Student Org budgets are created by the budget committee whereas the SG Administration budget is crafted by the SBT. Susan’s plan is comprehensive and realistic. As to the student org money, the $50,000 left over after the budget is balanced could be used to restore some of the cuts to the organizations made by the budget committee.

  2. voteunite says:

    PS–Unite’s commercials were out first, just not posted on the website. So we’re not copy cats 🙂
    And to be fair, I think Susan did plan to publish her budget plan originally.

  3. old school says:

    Lola worked for Access in Spring of 04. Ask Jamal!

    Also Fernando Nin was the one who pushed lola to the moon and for everything else. If anything Fernando Nin, is the one who along with Lola herself, who deserves credit for this I Love Lola phenom.

  4. old school says:

    This last post in response to another blogger who keeps bringing my name up on his blog. By the by, Ken and i know more about what the greeks do than you think.

  5. Ken says:

    A part of that, James, is because the greeks only have so many tricks up their sleeves; the pranks, platforms, etc., have to repeat every few years.

    Even nominating a non-Greek was bound to happen again (John McGovern in 1998, Chris tried in 2002, and now John).

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