You have reached the online home of Kenneth Kerns. I have been on the web since April 1997. After writing four fiction books, I have ventured into screenwriting.


The Funds

Coal miners, like all Americans, deserve to retire with dignity and respect. The Funds is a not-for-profit administrator for the UMWA's multi-employer retiree benefit plan.


The Gator Nation

I grew up in Gainesville. My bachelor's degree came from the University of Florida. My novels are loosely based on the UF campus. On Game Day, I bleed orange and blue.


The choices we make with little second guessing can define our lives. Like deciding to move 700 miles from home and friends to go to grad school. Or like choosing to self-publish a novel. Or like finally deciding to be serious about losing weight.

As a general rule, I am a very cautious person. I don’t like to gamble. I don’t drink. I don’t even like to jaywalk or cross the street when the light is yellow. But I have found that some of my most memorable decisions came quite impulsively.

Take, for instance, this website. I have operated a webpage since April 1997. I have owned this particular domain since the summer of 2002, if I recall correctly. Every couple years I’ve been playing with the design, trying to find one that works. On June 19th, 2010, I impulsively chose the template you now see, and it just feels right.

Feel free to look around. There’s a lot to see.