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TV Fall 2016: Sundays

No new shows are starting on Sunday this fall that gain my interest even a little bit. Instead, it’s status quo with the following: Once Upon a Time begins Season 6 with two primary...

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Fall TV 2016: The 4-1-1 on Pilot Episodes

I watch a lot of television and for a while I even dabbled in screenwriting. My favorite part of any TV show is the first episode or “pilot.” It is supposed to serve the...


Chicago: On My Own

After the first two days of my trip, my coworkers had to attend their labor relations conference, so I was left to my own devices. Honestly, if I had spent all 3 days in a...


Chicago: Dinosaurs and Pizzas

Day 2 of my Illinois trip began with a nice sunrise view of the Chicago river. From there, well, it was busy. Tuesday AM: We started the day with an expensive breakfast buffet. Even the...


Chicago: Detour to Springfield

I took a 5 day, 4 night vacation in Illinois in August 2016. Read on to hear about my day in Springfield and my first full day in the Windy City.


My Return to Gainesville

My return to Gainesville was a long time coming, but I hardly expected it to be in 2016, or for the reason it ended up being. My mother, Robin, passed away in a traffic...


Sean & Savi in DC

My brother Sean and his girlfriend Savannah were vacationing in Pennsylvania during the last week of July and I suggested they stop by for a day or two to see the sights in DC....


An Election Goes Unchallenged

A couple months ago, I started a blog entry (not yet published) about my displeasure at something Trump said about abortion rights, which prompted me to consider the importance of choice in areas other than abortion. Now,...