The Benefit of SG Hindsight

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2 Responses

  1. jklpirate says:

    No surprise on the results: Unite 43, O&B 2 (Ossip/Yanuck), Progress 1 (Family Housing – Schneider loses his seat). As I commented on the Alligator website:

    ” Duverger’s Law strikes again: Progress-O&B split + plurality elections = vote split = massive drubbing.

    For all the spin, it’s back to the drawing board for the two indie parties. For Progress, only one seat and no re-election for the party leader; for O&B, the last remnants of their year of strong performances (spring/fall ’08) are all but wiped out, and (correct me if I’m wrong) they might not have enough Senators to have a seat at the R&A table. Oh, and let’s not forget that Unite got Hume (Ben Cavataro’s old seat), usually an independent bastion.

    Basic electoral strategy (short of a change in the electoral system – not going to happen) would tell Progress and O&B to merge into a united force. Then again, basic electoral strategy can’t fix the remaining bad blood of the Dictor-Miorelli feud all by itself. Someone (Schneider? Ossip? Another big name?) is going to have to swallow their pride and pick up the telephone. Until that happens, we’ll see more nights like tonight and last spring, instead of the spring/fall ’08-type results the indies are capable of. “

  2. Ken says:

    As I said last spring, the smartest thing to do for the two camps next Spring would be to let one side pick the President, the other pick Treasurer, and they both agree on a VP and split the Senate.

    Their combined votes are about as good – if not better – than the historic average for the indies. It makes no sense to let ego get in the way of things when there’s enough in SG to run for to run a combined party that has two internal wings. The FBK-backed party does this all the time.

    And let’s face it – the odds are extremely long that any Independent will win Exec, so there really isn’t much of an ego boost to say you lost a SG presidential race. I cannot understand the draw of those races that caused such a permanent split. Even the indie division in Spring 2000 was quickly healed before the fall election.


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