The Young Mike Adams

61n9CjStxOLShort story collection; prequel to the original Mike Adams series
Release date: November 2013

Rush Week. Fraternity pranks. “I Voted” stickers. Drunk driving. Brightly colored shirts.

These define the college experience, and for one unlikely activist, these inspired a career.

In the 2009 novel Confirmation, U.S. Senator Mike Adams exposed the terrible origins and deepest secrets of his alma mater’s prestigious honor society, The Circle.

Now, in this collection of short stories, discover The Young Mike Adams. Meet David Beider, the friend that convinced him to pledge a fraternity; watch him grapple with his crush, Yasmine Golshiri; witness what inspired him to get involved in politics in the first place; and learn why he took down the longest-running political machine in Florida history.


Excerpt: Available upon request.

U.S. Publication Details
Published through CreateSpace (paperback edition), Amazon (kindle edition), and Smashwords (eBook edition, including iBook and NOOK)
Original release date: November 22, 2013
Formats available: Paperback, Kindle, eBook

Trivia: The inspiration for this short story collection were two television pilots the author wrote for screenwriting contests in 2009-2012, one drama and one sitcom.  The sitcom script, “The Future Senator,” was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Creative World Awards and is included in the collection.

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