I Stand Corrected

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4 Responses

  1. I’ve been calling this since the Paul Drayton fiasco. The System is in trouble. There’s no controversial multicultural revolt this time, there’s no Greek split (ala Carmody/Fried). I think this is the first time the GDI’s and the GDI’s alone are the driving force behind the most serious challenge to FBK-backed Machine.

  2. Ken says:

    I’d also point out that one interesting tidbit from history is that the last time turnout spiked unexpectedly was 4 years ago, when another African American with charisma was inspiring Gators to get involved. Granted, back then it was a direct connection to SG, but I don’t doubt that the enthusiasm for Obama is helping to generate enthusiasm for voting in SG (and hence my love for the GOP’s embrace of the Gator Party).

  3. Matt says:

    I think crediting the turn-out to Obama does a major disservice to the Orange and Blue Party who have worked their asses off like no party EVER BEFORE IN RECENT SG HISTORY. When is the last time you heard of SG parties starting voter contact 2 weeks out with an aggresive canvassing program, combined with the fact that the Greeks are so used to winning they honestly have no idea how to campaign, i am expecting big things in the way of District D and C tonight…..maybe =)

  4. Ken says:

    You’d know better than I what’s motivating the UF students to vote this year. I’m just speculating that this being a presidential year it gave students an excuse to focus on politics when normally they wouldn’t.

    But that early voter contact could prove quite beneficial. And high turnout does seem to suggest good things for the O&B, especially in winnable areas like C and D. We’ll see tonight.