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  1. Gavin Baker says:

    I think it depends what Senate seats are up in 2008 — or where. Assuming all hell does not break loose between now and then (and that’s a bit assumption), the Senate could very easily swing either way depending on the seats up. If there are a lot of retirements and open seats, it will be a real ballgame. If it’s about average, then it will depend on the national mood (are we enjoying life under a Democratic Congress, or regretting it?), coattails of the presidential candidates, and the partisan edge in the states with Senate elections (and particularly, how well the parties do recruiting challengers, i.e. how many Testers vs. how many Harrises). Without looking at the seats up in 2008, who’s retiring and who’s planning to run, I’d say: at this point, it’s really a toss-up.

    I think probably whoever takes the White House will take the Senate — but I think the Dems will hold the House regardless. I hope this is not just wishful thinking.