O&B Makes A Splash

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6 Responses

  1. Silence Doogood says:

    What I know about them.

    Jordan Johnson: SigEp, Senate President, previous Budget committee chair.
    Larnell Vickers: VP of BSU
    Maryam Laguna: Gamma Eta, Director of Hispanic Heritage Month, past Cabinet Chair

    Orange and Blue:
    Mark McShera: Current LS Senator, College Dems president, R&A At Large
    Stacey Gray: Current D Senator, Recurso President, Budget Committee
    Brandon White: Current Senator, Budget Committee Chair, Alpha Phi Alpha

    Ben Dictor: Current LS Senator
    Grasshopper Illangkoon: Current Grad Senator, Allocations Committee Chair
    Jose Ortega: Current Accounting Senator, involved in HSA and suborgs.

    The white greeks are going to be solidly behind Unite (their slate is upwards of 80% greek). BSU will be split between Unite and O&B, HSA will be split between all three.

  2. OntheGround says:

    I just think it’s funny that he’s running with his third choice party, and they’re fawning over him like he’s Barack Obama. He’s not even that good of a Budget Chair.

  3. 6was9 says:

    Brandon didn’t walk away from FBK… he wanted the position with Unite and was snubbed.

  4. What I know.... says:

    Larnell: Cabinet Director, Preview Staff, RA
    Maryam: MGC President, Preview Staff, RA, Lambda Theta Alpha, HHM Treasurer

    In terms of the other parties, their candidates are your typical senators with not much experience outside of the chambers.

    Don’t think HSA will be split between all 3 parties.

  5. Eartotheground says:

    Jordan Johnson: ATO, not SigEp
    Brandon White: Shopped around to whoever would take him, O&B being his last choice
    Ben Dictor: Allocations Committee, VP Pi Sigma Alpha

  6. You're an idiot says:

    JJ is not an ATO. You need to pull your head out of your ass.

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