Campus Forever

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2 Responses

  1. Gatorman-UF says:

    Sadly I have played your Reunion at Univerity of Ave remake of the 2002 elections of Swamp and Ignite (yes, Swamp wins every time once I win the endorsement of the 20K that I need to run those negative campaigns).

  2. Ken says:

    See, that’s what I’m talking about – the P4E model wasn’t made originally to handle populations as small as the UF campus, and advertising budgets as “small” as $15,000. It ain’t perfect.

    But I’m hoping their updates later this year will improve things, in which case I’ll get 2002 revamped.

    I have several Fall scenarios set up, and they are difficult to win (just like they are in real life), even with the 20K.

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