A Voice Gone Radikal

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1 Response

  1. anonymous says:

    Duque has gone completely off the reservation. His opinions would be insane at best, even if he had his facts straight, but he doesn’t. With regards to Unite in particular, he seems obssesed with casting blame on a trifecta of Thomas Jardon, Allison Cullin, and Adam Roberts. How out of the loop is Duque? Thomas Jardon and Allison Cullin have nothing to do with the party; nothing! If you’re an out of town alumni with no contacts, stick to commenting on what you can find in the Alligator and not the inside nature of party politics; you’ll inevitably look like an ass.

    (His innacuracies regarding MacKenzie Moritz are also somewhat troubling. I wonder how difficult it is to get emotional about a topic such as MacKenzie running Boyles’ campaign and then suddenly realize that the topic never had merit in the first place).

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