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New Blog Design

As you can see, I’ve updated my design theme for this blog at long last. There are plenty others that I like that I’m keeping available, but Cleaker 2.1 looks like a winner to...

Excuse the Construction

I am experimenting in new WordPress themes for the blog. So please excuse any formatting errors and other mishaps you might find here over the next few weeks.

Ken’s Update

I’ve slipped out of blogging, and I apologize to any readers out there. Not because I was busy, per se, but because I tend not to blog on something if there’s nothing interesting and...

Open Letter to Some SG Bloggers

To those SG bloggers that have reasons to criticize my commentary, I say this: I recall defending my right to say something in the Alligator, but that’s about it. Indeed, the only reason I...


I’ve discovered an interesting fantasy stock market involving the blogosphere: Blogshares.com Check it out, and help make my Blog a fake gold mine!

Welcome to my new blog

I have moved to WordPress. Thanks, Matt Niad of Who-Ahh! Media Solutions, for the recommendation. I like the options this program gives over Blogger. You can still view my old blog here, if you...


Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.