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  1. Bruce says:

    I’m no expert and I could be the biggest loser in SG history, but just some commentary…

    “2) Is anyone going to call Unite out on their “a positive new direction” b.s.? I mean, really? They pick the current Senate President for Student Body President, and a Senate slate filled with current senators or losing senate candidates from the last election, and are backed by the same leadership honorary whose endorsed candidates win nearly every time and expect us to believe they’ve got a new direction?”

    — Yes, Unite is skipping under the radar. I’d like to think this is because there’s nothing new — including them claiming that they have something new to offer.

    — Note: I’ve privately been asked about my Fraternity’s involvement with Unite. As an alum I have no stake and no opinion. However, personally, I think they should vote as I thought they should two years ago: as individual members.

    — I remember when we brought the Chapter back to campus and how we talked about how we could be different, how we should live our values: Truth, Honesty, and Personal Integrity. It’s quite likely that those values aren’t so different from many organizations on campus, but I think that ambitions, collective and personal, have impeded many from following through.

    “First of all, “big indie name” is a gigantic oxymoron. There is no such thing as the “independent bloc” of voters, who will come out in droves only if you appease them by being “indie” enough.

    — True. Indies or Greeks, I think the only name on a ticket that any student might get to know, if any, is the Presidential.

    “Also, when’s the last time a grad student was on an executive ticket? And I’m not talking about Jared Hernandez in law school – I’m talking about a legitimate Ph.D. candidate. Not only an actual grad student, but one heavily involved in GSC and GAU…. [etc]”

    — Could pan out, and for the sake of grad students (me being one now), I hope it does. At the same time, I agree with Ken’s point about Grad turnout and refer to my previous comment (that I think that the only person students might get to know is the P candidate).

    — Regardless, I’ve been out having some beers tonight…. so I can’t wait to have my logic and thoughts proven wrong.