The Young Mike Adams

The Young Mike Adams
Series: Mike Adams, Book 4
Genres: College, Coming of Age, Non-Linear Narrator, Short Stories
Publication Year: 2013
ASIN: 1490357343

Rush Week, immature pranks, and brightly colored shirts. Some people remember their college days as a time of non-stop partying. Others, including a shy freshman with a crush, discover their life’s calling amidst difficult circumstances.

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About the Book

Karaoke. Brightly colored shirts. “I Voted” stickers. Prank wars and scavenger hunts. These defined the young lives of Mike and David.

They were students like any others: they rushed a fraternity, went to parties, and sometimes even went to class. Yet, they were unlikely best friends. Mike was the quiet, modest, lovesick writer. David was the popular, easy-going, and confident soccer player.

In a collection of short stories, rediscover the love and loss, the victories and defeats, and all the pivotal moments we all shared in college.

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