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  1. Kurt G. says:

    The thing is Ken,

    I couldn’t see the Dems defeating Snowe or Collins. Both are moderate Republicans with maverick records, and extremely high approval ratings in their state in spite of Bush’s tanking approval ratings. Likewise, the Dem Governor isn’t very popular at all in the state, and he could very well lose.

    Certainly the Dems have chances in PA and OH with two unpopular GOP Senators, DeWine and Ricky, but don’t write off the GOP…I could see them winning a few seats to offset the Dem’s gains.

    Plus the House districts are so gerrymandered I couldn’t see many pickups or losses on either party’s side.

    Dunno whatever, we’ll see.

    Plus the NJ and VA races were blown by incompetant GOP candidates who released uber-negative ads that backfired on them. Kilgore’s “Hitler” ad as well as Foster’s “Corzine’s ex-wife” ad cost them their elections. Hopefully the GOP will learn to run better candidates and that negative ads don’t always work.

    Whatever though.

    Great zingers today in AGS man, you need to talk about it more in your blog.