Power Trips, Blogs, and the Ad Wars

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2 Responses

  1. Matt Stoller says:

    I respect your opinion, and I’m glad you’re part of the discussion. That said, the ad doesn’t mention that she is (a) a Democrat (b) a challenger or (c) willing to challeng Bush on Iraq. All three of these are fundamental to why she is running and who she is.

  2. Ken says:

    This is quite nice, getting Matt himself responding. I didn’t think my blog would get noticed.

    I don’t doubt she has to make the case that her opponent is an incumbent Republican in a blue state when such things are rare – hopefully rarer after November – but keep one thing in mind. If she runs 5 different television spots in her campaign (maybe more, maybe less), then one can be a purely soft bio spot, another about the Republican and ethics, another about Bush/Iraq, and still have 2 more to talk about education and healthcare.

    I wouldn’t complain about her bio ad just yet unless her entire campaign is based on such a vague and weak message as her biography.

    I despised the Kerry campaign for being all biography.

    I just don’t know that Darcy Burner is running that kind of campaign.

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