Update on PM4E Scenarios

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  1. old school says:

    Hey Kenny, I want to talk about something.

    “”It’s OK. It’s OK,” Bovell said, while hugging Davier Rodriguez, a close friend who burst into tears as he heard the results.” From today’s Alligator.

    Everybody should read the Alligator article about the election today to show what a class act Lola Bovell is and what a great leader Lola Bovell is. You know Christian duque may bash me on his blog, but i have to commend Christian, and Fernando, pushing for lola to run for the senate back in 04. I think you can tell a lot from a person when they used as opposed to when they win. Christian definitely found a gem on that one.

    She truly impressed me. It was a pleasure to see her when i came in to gainesville for the begining of spring break and she was working so hard. Whatever lola does she will be successful in it. I honestly think she is too good for UF. The same student body that didn’t want Dennis Ngin (the son of parents who survived the killing fields of cambodia to become the first asian exec officer of UF), didn’t want lola bovell, and that shows you what UF deserves. Makes me proud to be a seminole now.

    Oh and congrats to the alligator for doing such a great job publicizing the election! You did such a great job covering the runoff last election too! I mean all the front page stories and reminding students to vote, and making sure your endorsements were well publicized. Bang up job!

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