Why Are Fall Elections So Hard?

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5 Responses

  1. Kyle Huey says:

    Has anyone ever tried door to door campaigning off campus?

  2. Ken says:

    It is quite difficult to do, outside of Frat Row and Sorority Row, unless you assume most residents of the complex are students, especially in the District D areas that are most popular with students.

    It can be done and has been done, even minimally (through a lit-drop on random homes or cars with UF decals). I remember doing the random lit-drop approach for both SUN and Voice – but with Voice it was more selective because of our smaller group.

    And frankly, it really should be done, especially on the weekends even just for an hour or two. It can even be planned where you split the party into three groups – one hitting District D, one hitting the on-campus dorms, and one hitting the other off-campus areas that aren’t quite so big (and focusing on apartments closer to campus).

  3. Well we did door-to-door with Access, but the jury’s still out on whether or not that’s permitted by the management companies. In the end, it’s a rather risque way to campaign, considering that requires a great deal of manpower and resources and it’s success on election day is at best, speculative.

    Still, the door-to-door approach shows muscle and let’s be realistic, even the most active property mangement groups (Trimark, Gremco, Paradigm) are leagues away from the Beast of residential networks that is IRHA (complete with loyal DA’s, Drill Sergeant-like RA’s, and a literal army of moles, snitches, and backstabbers).

  4. Kyle Huey says:

    So adding up the totals, I noticed that SUN 2000 won nothing on campus. Any theories for why that was?

  5. Ken says:

    Several, actually. I will note we came awfully close in Broward, though – just 3 votes.

    1) IRHA, urged by the ambitious Chris Carmody, was aligning itself with the Impact Party. This, in particular, allowed Chris to win Keys/Springs by combined support from the non-greek Area Government with the jocks and the Greeks to win a landslide victory in his seat.

    2) Strong independent candidates cost us winnable races – one by denying us victory (my own Tolbert race) and the other by winning it themselves (Murphree). They also won Family Housing, but FH is frequently an outlier race.

    3) Most of our stronger campaigners were experienced in running in SG elections, or active in their college councils, and thus weren’t likely to be freshmen living on campus.

    4) A lot of freshmen and recurring dorm rats were in the “gosh we’re independent, how cool is that?” phase and thus generally thumbed their noses at the more partisan SG election.

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