When Independents Attack

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1 Response

  1. MrKnowItAll says:

    I think the ads. go a little too far. This goes to show how the orange and blue party is not thinking about anything more than getting themselves elected to the office. Seriously, the ads are too much. I question how they could all have come to the decision to engage in such trash.

    White is an excellent public speaker, they could have shown him and some of his comments, they could have had him speaking about change. Even McShera, but I wonder why they chose to cast a negative shadow over what should have been a positive message. I can only imagine that this is going to cost them votes.

    Even if the students like this and they respond to the negative ads, is this what we have to look forward to at UF, negative campaigning, and advertisements that malign the individuals running. Thank you, Orange and Blue for bringing UF up to speed with 21st century politics.

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