The Movement Lives On

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4 Responses

  1. the coatless says:

    Thank you for posting something in regards to SG that actually makes some sense… The “deal” that mr. duque is so scared of is simply an agreement not to make Senate grind to a halt (by, for example, ordering roll call votes at every possible moment) in exchange for the Senate seat and seats on R&A and other committees. Duque says that instead this is a deal to improve the resumes of our leadership while the rest of the movement is left in the dust. This is insanity.

    First, “Member-at-large, R&A Committee” isn’t exactly the high value resume line Duque thinks it is…

    Second, it’s not a deal, it’s a gift. O&B gave up ZERO tactical standing, ZERO strategic standing, ZERO ANYTHING. What does Duque propose, that instead we kick Cavataro to the curb and roll call vote the Gator Party to death? That’s not opposition, thats lunacy. What O&B did was win 1/5 of the seats, and then get a third of the Senate’s most powerful committee. Saying that this was a bad decision is not an educated comment, but the ramblings of a distanced relic…

  2. Christian Duque says:

    fuck you ken

  3. Ken says:

    Now that’s an intelligible response for future GDIs to emulate! LOL.

  4. Ken, you are the yin to Duque’s batshit crazy yang.