The Absurd Duque-Grapski Fight

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1 Response

  1. I agree Ken. The feud has been going on for some time and it should never have made it to your inbox. Normally I send out press-releases and don’t expect the recipients to reply en masse — Charlie did so.

    It’s very bizarre if you think about it. When I was of use to Charlie — he loved TR. Now that we are on opposing camps, he says my blog is nothing but a rag and “useless to his political cause.”

    In the end, there’s a lot of animosity and on my end hurt feelings. I’ll make a conscious effort to avoid future mailings of this sort.

    On Carmody, he privately made comments that turned the comments you read on their head — I was stunned by his tasering remarks (personally), however, he’s a regular contributor and well-respected. We all drop the ball at times, I guess.

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