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  1. old school says:

    Hey Ken. I am reading the article, yeah she knows her stuff, just like Gerald. Sort of ironic don’t you think. Since Gerald was probably the most qualified guy to run for SBT back in his day. Like the people studying her campaign need to read up on Gerald Godwin back from the 2002 election when he ran just to see the interesting similarities. Although Gerald didn’t win, he still got 1000 votes just sitting on his butt. But that may have been more of a tribut to gerald’s engineering base than his knowledge of the campaign (I voted for Gerald that election).

    The alligator is trying to giver her the big rub. Do they have enough sway to get an independent into the runoff, especially against a Greek and a person many UF people predict to be the next big thing since Jamal. Probably not, but hey anything can happen in the world of UF SG Politics. Her team maybe young and not have too much experience (I don’t know who is running her campaign?), but you gotta give them kudo’s for all the effort.

  2. Ken says:

    Well, I don’t know if she has money, like her Progress party did, but she’s working her campaign hard, unlike Gerald.

    So, she might do better than his 9%, but probably won’t get to Progress with 21%. She may very well repeat Jeremy Kaplan’s showing in 2000 of 14-15%. Jeremy didn’t have a super-strong base of support, except in LS and Grad Students, but it was broad. And if Ryan Moseley keeps screwing up, she could do well.

    But she won’t get into the run-off, even with the Alligator’s help. I just don’t see it happening unless she brings out people who don’t normally vote.

    (For the record, I backed Kyle. He and I worked closely in drafting the actual legislation resolving BOCC dispute and a couple other initiatives, where as Godwin I didn’t really know aside from him being the chair of that BOCC committee. Eventually I’ll blog more about 2002, as this election is shaping up a lot like that one.)

  3. old school says:

    Its weird seeing a candidate losing one spot going back up for that same exec office. Like I know Kevin Meyuex lost VEEP after winning treasurer (ironically there were 3 parites that election in 91 which resulted in marna (unity) and impact splitting the indy votes to get Alex patton (progress) into office. Then Meyuex went on the be both senate prez and STuent body prez after that, but he did not run for VEEP again. See I don’t know how hard she is working since i am not there. I think your right that she isn’t making it to runoff though, especially since she is running against lola. Like if the nongreeks had put up a slacker maybe, but they have a great giirl. Unless you think enough greeks jump off the greek dudes campaign to and vote for Susan and its then susan v. lola, which i don’t think will happen.

    I am such a lola fan though (I saw her two weeks ago when she came up to tallahassee), she is the next big thing from everybody i talk to. And old people who observer think she is also. A former student body prez told me James this girl can get elected because basically she is following the jamal formula. Plus she is really sincere dude, thats the difference and i think that will show if she runs in 07. Like she wants to clean things up, and you can tell it, not just get elected and do nothing. I would come back to UF to see her win and i never come back to UF.

  4. anonymous says:

    MacKenzie Moritz is running Susan’s campaign, so its not like they don’t know what they’re doing. That’s probably the best campaign team on campus by far.

  5. old school says:

    Why does Christian Duque keep mentioning me on his blog? I am no longer a UF Student. I am gone from tallahassee.

  6. old school says:

    Gone to tallahassee I mean.

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