Rights Violated?

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3 Responses

  1. old school says:

    I don’t know if florida law requires a paper trail. I think that is what is being litigated in court best i know. When i take election law with Herron i will let you know.

    Additionally when i used to argue cases as the FSU Student Body Attorney General, i made the case that yes while SG is codified under state law, that it is still under the education codes and you defer to the rules of the educational insitution when running elections. After all according to the 11th circuit student government is just student government. But that was when i was representing the SG.

    You can try to make that argument that they have to follow those election laws under florida statute.

  2. blast from the past says:


    As someone who went to undergrad with you, I have got to beg you… LET SG GO! That was several years ago! It’s time to move on with your life. Leave college behind you. You don’t even live in FLORIDA ANYMORE!

    I just looked you up after wondering whatever became of you. I have to tell you I’m deeply saddened to see that you haven’t moved on from your undergrad days. There’s a whole world out there… go live a life that’s not tied to SG!

  3. Ken says:

    Actually, you clearly don’t know me, or what has become of me if you think I’m tied to the UF SG. I only blogged about it this last month because people were contacting me about it. And I use SG as a thing to customize President Forever with.

    Now that the elections are over, I suspect I’ll go back to my usual blogging topics, which you might not care much about.

    Now, I approved your comment, but I’d appreciate any future commentary to be less emotional in their pleas.

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