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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ken you must have been gone from campus for awhile as TV spots are the norm these days. Last year saw TV spots, radio spots and direct mail pieces in addition to the harassment in turlington. As for the headstart, Unite candidate and volunteers seem to be burned out after so much heat both literally and figuratively — their exec needs to show them some respect.

  2. Ken says:

    Well, a few short years ago, most of us were still shy about campaign expenditures getting out of hand, and lack the resources to really take advantage of any excess.

    I still think it is remarkable, given how disoraganized and how late these campaigns started, that they found time to do television ads.

    And actually, I’ve been told Unite has their own TV ads out and playing on Comedy Central and ESPN; they just hadn’t posted them to their website yet.

    I’d really like to see an honest accounting of campaign expenses for this race. The totals might blow our minds.

  3. voteunite says:



    I totally love the spoof off of the Gator Nation Commercial. Here’s the original: http://www.urel.ufl.edu/ufcn/gatornation/tvspot.html

  4. Ken says:

    Both of those ads are good; the spoof on the Gator Nation works, mostly because of the party being “unite”. Athlete thing I’m not sure was as effective – I don’t think people will sit up and think about voting for Unite just by seeing some athletes.

    If there is one thing the Swamp ad has over Unite is that their ad touches on a number of issues, while Unite had, at best, some slogans about making a difference and ending politics. (Which still worked, but could have been better).

    Unite’s looked more professionally done than Swamp’s. Not sure if that matters.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One thing I didn’t see in the commericals .. the fact that one of the presidential candidates running was arrested in 2001? How can this have not come up yet in the campaign?!?!


  6. anonymous says:

    honestly, did you read the article? no liquor, no party, completely cooperated with police and no charges followed. if you smell a scandal, then sorry, try a little harder.

  7. sg outsider says:

    Here comes the dirty campaigning. Make sure you tell people that he was arrested for trespassing. Also, add in the fact that we”ve had a SBP convicted of DUI but I don’t think anyone sought to remove him from office. One more thing, maybe it wasn’t brought up because both parties felt it was a nonissue. I guess it’s an issue now since this election will be very close. It’s amazing how these things surface the weekend before voting.

  8. Ken says:

    We didn’t bring up Adler’s DUI because we didn’t need to. Its press attention was widespread during the Fusion v. Voice campaign, so bringing it up would have been unnecessary. That, and the 2001 Voice Party had a no-negative campaign policy.

    “No bull. Just issues.”

  9. Virgil says:

    And we saw how well that worked for you guys, eh?

    Just joshing you, Ken. πŸ˜‰

  10. Anonymous says:

    Apparently this party Unite had last night that got busted up by the cops is going to be news. Underage drinking is not a good way to get votes.

  11. Virgil says:

    Because people were quite obviously arrested for underage drinking.

    Trying to stir up controversy on the blogs is like being in the Special Olympics…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well there was 1 arrest for throwing a party where there was underage drinking, I’d say that counts…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ok this smells like desperation on the part of the Swamp Party or a supporter of the Swamp Party.

  14. Virgil says:

    Nope, the arrest had nothing to do with underage drinking, the man arrested had no connection to the Unite party other than he wanted our booze, and I’m pretty sure no charges are being filed, but thanks for playing.

  15. third floor whore says:

    i am not a fan of the muckracking that is turning up on all of these blogs in the form of comments. the bloggers are doing a good job of attacking issues, not people or their reputations. seriously, the people involved in both camps are great and well respected. personal attacks are a sign that you are too weak to address real issues.

    ken, the swamp commerical is direct, sure, but panders to the least attainable or already addressed issues on their platform. textbook prices have already been worked on by Joe and for next term, profs have to register their books through the bookstore system. (I’d like to also note that the girl is studying Smoking Notes, which is on Unite’s platform). first parking tickets have been forgiven for some time now. additionally, if you appeal, they are almost automatically reduced to five dollars. a real issue to be addressed is the lack of parking, which sg cannot address. webmail is being currently worked on. i’m surprised they didn’t say: “we also want you to have open containers on game days.”

    unite’s commercial never aimed to address their platform. that’s done everyday in turlington, reitz, et al by their volunteers and on their website. instead, they showed the personalities behind the party, the diversity that they are aiming for. there weren’t just party hardcores, but a student from each niche on campus. i may be a little biased by the shmaltzy gator nation tone, but i got the idea.

    ken, thanks for sticking to the issues in this campaign. it’s probably easier to escape the negativity when you’re outside of gainesville, but i also think you have a different philosophy of politics. keep up the analysis!

  16. old school says:

    My my my, these blogs portend the bitterness that is seeping out with the UF student election. I have been asked to write several letters to the alligator by some old associates involved in the campaign to speak out. I would rather give my thoughts on Ken’s blog.

    I am glad i am not in Gainesville, or else i would be roped into all this nastiness. Please everybody take a breath, and don’t take any of this personal. Its only student politics, and you all will hopefully be friends once you graduate from college. Some of my friends today in tallahassee include many of the greeks and Keys I used to do battle with in study politics at UF.

  17. old school says:

    Greetings from tallahassee and the FSU College of law.

    “James do you realize that 3 of the candidates running for exec office, John, Lydia, and Lola are around because we started the Access Party”
    – Jamal paraphrazed in a phone call with me today.

    It is kind of funny that an org started two years ago would have so much effect over an SG election and would have propelled some many of the youngters today in to the SG political business.

    Its times for James’s thoughts if you care:

    I have two friends running for office on the Unite party’s exec ticket. I have known Jared since 2002, yes and yes I knew about the tresspassing charge in 2001 as it was in the Alligator. I have known Lola since spring 2004. Also a couple of kids who i saw as freshman, including adam roberts (who worked for me when i was running gators for lieberman in 2003) and amanda kane (who was running for the Senate in 2002 as an independent in the graham area), are now running the Unite campaign. My boy ferando is heavily involved and I am also friends on im, facebook, and the phone with david, ally, josh, and elizabeth (I have not met them in person) who are involved in Unite. So i have a tie to the Unite side. I hope Unite win’s. I personally believe they keep the spirit alive that Access represented in 04.

    However if the Unite people don’t win their lives will go on and they will do bigger and better things. Losing an SG campaign is not the end of the world.

    I just also want to give my thoughts on the Swamp side. Please note, i love lydia washington, i think she is awesome and would make a great VEEP. Lydia worked hard for Jamal back in 04. She is just on the wrong side though in my opinion by running with the Swamp party. In fact in my opinion she is the only thing the swamp party has going for itself is that Lydia is on their ticket. If they win this thing it will be thanks to Lydia, shes the star. I don’t really know john other than a couple of interactions when he was one of our Access senate candidates. Although i do remember having to go out and campaign for our fine arts candidate (John) on either the first day or second day of Spring 04 elections for a couple of hours by the fine arts builiding because he wasn’t there and he was running against the prez of the florida players. I was disappointed when somebody told me that John switched over to Joe when dennis needed him, and in my opinion that lack of loyalty has what turned off many independents to him. However i have nothing personal against John and he would be welcome to come up to tally and hang out with me, along with the Gatorman blog person and whomever else on the blogs don’t like me.

    Now for the independent candidate. Susan is a dedicated public servant at UF, but her time in the realm of SG seems close to over. Sometimes it takes a while to realize when you have to pick up your ball and go home and move on to grad school. And when you do its like walking out to Bob Seger’s “Famous Final Seen.” Sadly i think that time may come for susan on wed at the orange and blue. However she fought for her principles, and yes her team may have come off as young, cocky, and arrogant, but they did a good job and got nothing to be ashamed about.

    I wish all particpants and supporters good luck this weekend. God Bless!

  18. Gatorman-UF says:

    Oh Mr. Old School,

    It’s not that I don’t like you.. far from it, we have had several pleasant conversations in the past… I just feel that you overstate your personal significance in the 2004 election (not that you didn’t have a lot to do with it, I just feel there were a lot more important things that lead to victory). Not that I had a lot to do with Jamal, Jennifer, and Dennis winning, but I feel there was perfect storm of issues that made 2004 a success.

    Things Like Andy Marlette’s cartoons (who out there doesn’t miss Andy’s cartoons right now).
    Two very poor choices in running mates for Innovate including Rachel Bird and Sheema (quality individual, but the black community had a good chance of getting President, they will choose President) and Rachel Bird’s quote “I vote for whoever my parents tell me to vote for”

    A very qualified candidate in Jamal, who had spent the day he got elected Treasurer campaigning to be President.
    A bunch of pissed off politicized Asians (this was during ASU trying to get their institute among other things, and a candidate of their own). I actually will say that a lot of the higher voter turnout came from this base right here.
    A untested group that had remained neutral for many elections and thus was able to show up from nowhere in housing/IRHA kids. Yes, I know IRHA/Housing have run people before, but not in a recent life time before Jennifer.
    Finally, a pissed off group of independents who were tired of the system. These kids always exist, but after Kyle, Kate, and Jamal won. They stayed around for a bit. This is where you fall in. Yes, you might have been the leader of many of them, but the above issues were more significant in my opinion.

    I will agree that in the end the world will not end with a loss. If it does, that is worse in my opinion that winning. The world does not hinge on these things, I promise you.You will live another day.

  19. old school says:

    Pardon my long post about the past. This is an awesome study break.

    Thanks Gatorman. Actually i really do need to give my thoughts and perspective on Access, it may suprise you. I guess my ego has caused me to potray myself as the Access icon, I still brag to UF students who come up here for tours of the Law school that i was one of the people who started the Access Party at UF and they are like wow that is cool you beat the greeks.

    And i know a few other people brag about me and my role in access, like that solidfied my “legend” on UF Political circles, and thats cool. The guy who only won one campaign, but he sure won the big won. By the by, Jamal was the one who gave me the Access Party Godfather nick name because i kept switching my title each week so its like lets just give him a nickname.

    However access wasn’t because of james argento, it wasn’t for that matter because of jamal sowell, jennifer puckett, dennis ngin, andre samuels, francis harrell, Christian Duque etc. It was a group effort with circumtsances combined, and i was in the right place at the right time with the right people. Access was the campaign that happens once every 20 years where the students say screw greeks and FBK and we will revolt. We had it that year. A lot of access was us getting lucky.

    The most important thing i think was the alligator finally gained enough of a following to raise the profile of their endorsements and their cartoons to where they meant somthing. I think the cartoons were apart of the mobilization of the average joe student who voted for us.

    Andre came up with the idea of putting an asian on, and came to me and goes what do you think of this ASU treasurer who is volunteering for us won’t he make a great treasurer (Dennis thought he was just going to volutneer for us, he had no idea Andre was eyeing him for treasurer). It was at Crystal spearman’s apartment where we were having our meeting and i go alright i agree with andre, dennis goes on the ticket and dennis was put on that instant (this was before we had a veep and we needed to put down some finality).

    Oh Gatorman, you don’t know this. I was the first one to suggest jennifer puckett as jamals veep. At a meeting andre samuels and i had at my apartment some saturday night before we announced jamal as president, i said why not jennifer. Andre actually didn’t want to put her on for various reasons. However jamal came to me a week later and goes James jennifer was really nice to me at an irha meeting do you think we should go with her and i said “jamal Pick her and lets go” (I was actually really angry because we were dragging our feet with a veep and finally we could have a veep so lets go.) I was all about getting IRHA reinvegerated, my name is on the wall of the Division of housing along with Jennifer puckett for winning Bodner faircloth, so i was all about seeing an IRHA political resurgence. Although jennifer was not popular in all ciricles, as i got some blowback from some RA’s and other housing people who did not like her. My response “Jamal picked her” πŸ™‚ However i knew how important it was to have a white person on the ticket (Andrew Hoffman was our fallback veep actually, however meca wanted us to put a woman on there)

    I was the one who also pushed getting the student alliance on board when Jamal and Andre and arturo were hesitant about putting them on, and the student alliance was crucial because they ran the senate side of access. Like when student alliance voted and agreed to back us, thats when i knew we could do it. Student alliance was the one who managed the slating room if you recall.

    I can take some credit for Access though because that was the party i was planning for years the idea of mobilizing UF’s significant african american community. Jamal and i discussed this idea in the Summer of 2003 when he first thought of running. I had been brainstorming this campaign back in 2002 when laquita smith and i were at a meeting where we gamed out scenarios of a running a prominent black (stella cruz is who we hand in mind). This meeting with me and jamal took place before andre and all the others were apart of the team. Andre however came in and put the black mobilization into place by coming up with an actual mechanics for black mobilizaiton along with Meka.

    I was one of the founders of the party, along with jamal, alicia philips, crystal spearman, andre samuels, arturo armand, manny diaz, mark villegas. I was also the only active white student leader with the party at the begining of the campaign, like if you looked at our first exec meetings I was the only white guy there. I became a face of the party, whether i wanted to or not (which I actually didn’t to as i was trying to get out of doing stuff because I was graduating and i actually just wanted to be more of an outside adviser). In fact i still run into people who recognize me for that alligator article (aren’t you the guy holding up jamal’s hand), in particular african american students. By the by, the original plan was not for me to be the primary speaker at the first access meeting in the murphree area or to introduce jamal, that was changed at the last minute.

  20. old school says:

    Hey i want to add something to the last post. I don’t try to overstate my importance to the Access Party, i was the old man adviser who was like the Uncle Buck of the access party.

    The crazy old guy. I would have our freshmen and sophomore candidates going james don’t do that, or some other critique which is awesome because the students were becoming the teacher. I also knew that I was there to help inspire the access people, and i think i did a good job of that.

    You know what i want to give a shout out to some of the people who were the
    people who made access and helped us pull out our own miracle.

    Jamal (The man), Jennifer (The VEEP who basically got us the alligator endorsement by wowing them with our knowledge, Dennis (Who in his race for treasruer was actually a better candidate then jamal, i don’t know what happened to his.

    Francis Harrell (the unsung hero of access who never gets enough credit). Andre Samuels who became one heck of a campaign manager.
    Mike Reynolds (the guy who typed our slate).
    Alicia Philips (awesome D&T person along with Andre, they came up with the cool logos, etc.)
    Cyrstal Spearman (the money girl)
    Diane Kassim
    Dan Fitzpatrick
    And so many other countless people

    Andrew Hoffman (Mr. LS who was crucial for our ls slate),
    Eric Gordon,
    Jessica goodwin & Erica Carlson (the two hardest working sophomore candidates I had ever seen),
    Brian Offenther,
    Angel Short,
    John Boyles & Mackanzie Moritz (yeah i may not agree with what you two have done with yourself politically since, but still you were there when we needed you),
    Christian Duque (The hardest working candidate i have ever seen, this guy brought it lots of votes, more than he scared away)
    Peter Gruskin
    Kathy Valle
    And I could go on and on

  21. Ken says:

    I will validate one thing James said. I remember one night on the 3rd floor before an R&A committee meeting that LaQuita Smith and Amelie Romelus were wanting a strong black candidate. (I think they meant for 2002, as this was before the election got into full swing.)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if those meetings were the first time the african-american community began seriously agitating for a candidate, and willing to buck the system if necessary.

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