Balanced Disappointment

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3 Responses

  1. Virgil says:

    Well, obviously that’s not exactly what Johnboy said, but he did, in fact, say something to the effect of, “we’re going to continue on with the election anyway…”

  2. Allison Cullin says:

    With the names presented, and the position at hand, Lindsay was the most qualified. It was a sham of an election to say the least. Alternate candidates were selected based on thier unwillingness to actually take the position. It was a shame. The codes should be re-written to ensure that the Senate has ample time to make a well thought out decision. Unfortunatly, this is not the case. With one lackluster candidate, there wasn’t much of a choice. I was tempted to walk out. But that would hardly serve the students. Had a qualified candidate been presented, my vote would have likely been recorded in another manner.
    Allison Cullin
    Impact Party Leader

  3. Ken says:

    There are certainly ways, Allison and “Virgil”, that you could have made your concerns known. And granted, I was only going by what the Alligator reported and the gist of the live-blogging.

    I don’t fault you for going with the best person they (questionably) presented, but there are some issues with how this was handled – and honestly, the party in charge (Gator/Engage) has more to explain than you do.

    And Ms. Cosimi’s failure to disclose the situation she’s known since May is a bit of a problem as well.

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